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Interactive Flat Panel & Commercial Display Questions and Answers

This really comes down to size and features. A modern projector in a conference room environment will quite comfortably display a 100-130” image. This larger image is great for larger rooms or if viewers will be sitting further back. Projectors also have the advantage of portability, they are easy to transport, don’t necessarily need to be installed, and can be straight forward to set up.

Most Interactive Flat Panels and Commercial Displays are available between 50-90” in size, smaller than an average projector screen size. These panels are heavier so are obviously not going to be as portable as a projector. The big advantage of these flat panels is some come with amazing features that can make presenting much easier. Interactive displays feature an inbuilt operating system and touch screens. Many will feature the ability to connect wirelessly to cloud services and can be set up for remote learning or collaboration. Displays such as this tend to handle ambient brightness much better than a projector can too, so there is less need to darken the room.

Commercial Displays are similar to a large computer monitor. These are high quality panels designed for long hours of use in many commercial environments. They are popular for use in restaurants to display menu’s, real estate agents to display the latest properties in their front windows, and in shopping centres for advertising displays.

An Interactive Flat Panel or display comes with a significant boost in features. These panels feature inbuilt operating systems, touch screen panels, and many have interactive access and a great deal or software that can be installed. This type of product is perfect for interactive learning and corporate presentations.

Walked past a store and seen a display in the front window? Watching a footy game at the local pub? Seen the electronic directory at your nearest shopping centre? Then you likely would have seen a commercial display in operation. Many customers think these displays are simply the same as a TV but there are some significant differences between the technologies.

  • TV’s are designed for a few hours of use a day, commercial displays are designed for up to 24/7 use.
  • Unlike TV’s, a commercial display does not feature a TV Tuner Inbuilt.
  • Commercial Displays typically offer a significant boost in brightness, great for commercial spaces.
  • The screens of a Commercial Display tend to be stronger to withstand being used in public spaces.
  • Image uniformity is improved on Commercial Displays offering a high level of brightness in all sections of the display, while on many TV’s you may notice some areas (such as the corners) are brighter or not as bright.
  • Commercial Displays feature improvements with cooling and higher quality power supplies to keep them running longer.
  • Most TV brands do not warrant their products when used for commercial purposes.
  • TV’s are more prone to “screen burn” when static images are displayed while Commercial Displays tend to feature anti-burn features”

A Native Resolution is essentially a measurement for the number of pixels (or dots) on your display. The most common measurements for commericial displays are:
WUXGA - 1920x1080 (FULL HD)
WUXGA - 1920x1200
UHD - 3840 x 2160 (4K)
The above resolutions are widescreen, a similar shape to that of a modern television. A FULL HD or WUXGA resolution is perfectly fine for most customers however many modern displays now feature a 4K/UHD resolution. A 4K resolution is essentially 4 times the detail of a FULL HD resolution. This higher resolution is great for displaying very detailed information clearly, such as CAD diagrams, detail graphs, and spreadsheets containing small font sizes. The higher 4K resolution is also handy with interactive flat panels where the user tends to be viewing the display from a very close distance.

A Stylus is simply a special pen that can be used to annotate on an Interactive Flat Panel (IFP). Most Interactive displays will come with a Stylus in the box for you to use, these are typically not powered so there is no need to worry about replacing batteries.

Most modern interactive panels can easily be operated by touching with your finger too, so no need to worry if you can’t find your Stylus.

General Questions and Answers

Yes! We are located in Bayswater Victoria. You are welcome to collect, just make sure you send us an email or give us a call prior. Interactive and commercial displays are often stored off-site and will need to be transferred in prior to collection. Please contact us to confirm.

You bet. All of our deliveries are well packed to reduce the risk of damage, but just for added peace of mind we insure them too! If your new display arrives with freight damage please let us know immediately so we can arrange a replacement.

Most small items tend to be delivered to major east coast cities within a couple days. For our friends in Perth and Tassie best to allow about 1 week. Larger items, such as interactive and commercial displays, can take longer as we must use specialty freight services for these.

Check out our Delivery Page for more information.

Whilst we do not employ installers directly we can often recommend you an installer that operates in your area.

Most local electricians are more than capable of installing an interactive display, there are also AV installation franchises, such as Jims Antennas, that operate in most major areas.

All of our items come with a full warranty and protections under Australia's Consumer Law. If your item is faulty, or does not do something as advertised, please contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange a remedy. All the items we sell are brand new and factory sealed (unless specified), this does mean we are unable to offer trial or demo models to customers. If you have made a mistake and ordered the wrong product, please do not open it... get in contact with us right away and we will try to help.

Please visit our Returns Page for further information.

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